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Key Features


Check the latest popularity level of each public figure.


Place a long or short position on a public figure based on your view.


Read other trader’s top ranked posts and write your own!.


Manage your portfolio of net positions and funds.


Use your JOULE and EOS tokens like any other currency.

Referrer commissions

Teach others about JOULE and earn extra tokens for every unit traded by your referral.

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Joule is a by referrer only service. If you do not have a referrer, get in touch with us now!

Revolutionising Public Polling

JOULE works as a global polling station of our world's public figures.

Capped Risk

By capping the maximum daily price fluctuation at 5.0J, we help the community manage trading risk.

Censorship Resistant

Because blockchain is decentralized, it makes data transactions secure and efficient.

Global Community

JOULE links the positions and views of traders on public figures across the world, which makes it a global community. Get invited to join now!

Free Market Value

Without external intervention, JOULE members collectively determine the value of the listed public figures, which ranges from 0 to 100 Joules.

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