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Joule token is now listed on the global exchanges: Trading pairs include major cryptos such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and Tether (USDT).



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Key Features

Joule Index – market page

Track and trade on the Global Popularity Index of public figures. Additional resources include Price Charts, News, Statistics and Forum.


Search local Merchants who accept Joule tokens as payment.

Account Wallet

Track account balance. RECEIVE, PAY, WITHDRAW and BUY Joule tokens and trace transaction records.

Trade Tables

Manage a portfolio of net positions and funds with essential information.

Community Building

Use ‘Invite Friend’ function to make referral by email for both Merchants and Users. The system automatically tracks your referral community and commissions.

Referrer Commission

Your referrals’ transactions contribute to your income in each use case. The Referrer Commission will be credited to your account each month.

Driving Mass Adoption of Blockchain

JOULE combines an easy-to-use web application with a strong financial incentive for users to make referrals. It is your easy entry to the blockchain world.

Huge Opportunity of Digital Assets

Joule token is a crypto asset like Bitcoin. By accumulating Joule tokens, you can ride on the rising trend of this asset class.

Global Consensus

Joule Global Popularity Index links the positions of traders across the world, which makes it a real-time global consensus on public figures.

Censorship Resistant

Anyone with internet access can participate in the transactions. You do not need approval by the authorities or banks.

Financial Inclusion

With the Joule wallet and payment network, you have the tools to participate in global trade and finance.